Giving a Good Presentation

As a PhD student I have to write papers. And to get papers published (as well as for other reasons) I have to give presentations. Giving a good presentation is an undervalued and underestimated endeavor. For the last three years I have tried to improve my style. In this blog-post I want to explain why good presentations are important and list some key principles to what I believe makes a presentation good. Then I will describe my process.


Volunia: First Impressions

So, my Volunia account was finally activated and I am now a proud 'power user'. That means 'beta tester'. I got a Volunia invite from a colleague. It was marketed as an upcoming revolutionary new type of search engine. I was intrigued.


First Blog Post

Hello all!

After years and years, I have finally created a personal website! It's about time. Smile