Organ Donor

If you don't have specific reasons not to (and I can only think of one or two), become an organ donor! This is really a no-brainer. It takes only minutes to register (here, in the Netherlands). By the time it becomes relevant, you won't need your organs anymore. Save a life!

Keeping up with your Reading

If you follow a lot of websites, use an RSS feed reader, like Google Reader, so you don't need to visit each of them separately. If you follow a lot a lot of websites, you may encounter so many interesting articles, you can't read most of them when they first come to your attention. In that case, also use an app such as Read It Later. It stores (optionally offline, text only versions of) the articles you still plan to read in the future, in the cloud, synced to all your devices. If you use Google Reader, Read It Later and the Chrome browser, Orbvious Interest is a nice extension that lets you store articles in RIL with two clicks - one click in Google Reader - and not allow them to interrupt your workflow.

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Managing Supplies

For all consumable supplies you use (staples, envelopes, printer cartridges, nonperishables, shampoo, toothpaste, medication), you should store two or more units (tubes, packets, boxes, bottles, cans). One is in use. When it runs out, its packaging can serve as a physical reminder to buy more, and you can start on the second. That way you never run out.

Publishing Errata

If you discover mistakes in your own published works, you have two choices: ignore them, or be open about them. I choose the latter, and have started publishing errata.