Delta Profiles

The goal of this project is to create a profile manager for Android. A service that can (automatically) change settings on your device based on user-defined rules.

There are already several of them around, but I feel we can do better. Delta Profiles would distinguish itself in the following ways:

  • Multiple profiles may be active at the same time. If their effects are not in conflict with each other, there is no problem! But even if they are, Delta Profiles offers some nice ways to deal with it.
  • Each profile may be activated either automatically by rules or manually by the user. A widget will be available for quick access to manually controlled profiles.
  • The rules for automatic activation will be condition-based rather than event-based. This makes the app simpler and more intuitive for the user.
  • It will be completely modular. That is, every possible condition and effect is imported by a plugin, managed by the main app. This has two main advantages: The main app and each plugin will require only minimal system permissions and outside developers can easily contribute new conditions and effects through plugins.
  • It will have static detection of cycles and possible conflicts between profiles. No surprises during use-time!

The underlying profile system will be based on delta modeling, which will be used to model the relations between profiles. For the user this means that he can create new profiles without worrying about conflicts. If there are any, the app will automatically detect them and offer several possible resolutions.

It is being developed on Google Code.