Talescape is a mobile application and cloud-based platform. It has been referred to as a "locative media platform" and an "audio augmented reality application". Talescape offers a simple-to-use API that can be used to develop web-applications that connect physical (GPS) locations to any targeted content or behavior.

The focus right now is on serving location-specific audio. For that alone, there are numerous possible applications: storytelling, real-space messaging, real-world adventure games and scavenger hunts, providing information for tourists, and so on.

The domain www.talescape.net redirects to this page until Talescape is fully operational.

The Talescape prototype, including the Dam Square Experience, are now online. However, they are in a state of continuous development and may occasionally be unstable.

This project was originally "Moving Story", which I created together with a great and diverse team at at Startup Weekend Enschede 2013. The concept was to allow users to listen to stories based on their current location. It would also allow anyone to tell and share stories of their own. The idea won 1ˢᵗ place:

Moving Story wins Startup Weekend Enschede 2013!

Talescape generalizes and expands on this concept. It is still based very much on location, but rather than just facilitate the exchange of stories, it offers a full (client/server hybrid) API. This way, the possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the developer that works with it. Read more about it in issue 4 of AR[t]:

Talescape: Michiel and the tale of an it-can-be-everything-you-want-it-to-be locative media API