ApiNATOMY: Towards Multiscale Views of Human Anatomy

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article
  • Bernard de Bono, Michiel Helvensteijn Pierre Grenon
Journal: Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis Volume: XIII
Pages: 72–83
Physiology experts deal with complex biophysical relationships, across multiple spatial and temporal scales. Automating the discovery of such relationships, in terms of physiological meaning, is a key goal to the physiology community. ApiNATOMY is an effort to provide an interface between the physiology expert’s knowledge and all ranges of data relevant to physiology. It does this through an intuitive graphical interface for managing semantic metadata and ontologies relevant to physiology. In this paper, we present a web-based ApiNATOMY environment, allowing physiology experts to navigate through circuitboard visualizations of body components, and their cardiovascular and neural connections, across different scales. Overlaid on these schematics are graphical renderings of organs, neurons and gene products, as well as mathematical models of processes semantically annotated with this knowledge.