A Modal Logic for Abstract Delta Modeling

Research areas: Year: 2012
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
  • Frank de Boer, Joost Winter Michiel Helvensteijn
Book title: Proceedings of the 16th International Software Product Line Conference - Volume 2
Pages: 45-52
ISBN: 978-1-4503-1095-6
Abstract Delta Modeling is a technique for implementing (software) product lines. Deltas are put in a partial order which restricts their application and are then sequentially applied to a core product in order to form specific products in the product line. In this paper we explore the semantics of deltas in more detail. We regard them as relations between products and introduce a multimodal logic that may be used for reasoning about their effects. Our main innovation is a modality for partially ordered sets of deltas. We prove completeness results on both the frame level and the model level and demonstrate the logic through an example.